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PBMC Isolation Protocol

PBMC vial

What is PBMC Isolation? PBMC isolation is the process of separating mononuclear cells from whole blood. There are two primary cell isolation techniques that are used to extract PBMC from the blow. These techniques include: Ficoll-Paque Density Centrifugation and SepMate Centrifugation Ficoll-Paque Density Centrifugation Ficoll-Paque is a long-chain molecule entity that is attracted to water…

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The Buffy Coat Layer – What it Contains & Why it Happens

pbmc buffy coat

What is the Buffy Coat? The buffy coat accounts for less than 1 percent of a whole blood sample, yet it contains the majority of white blood cells (WBC) and platelets. In fact, leukocytes can be 10-20X more concentrated in the buffy coat than in whole blood. Therefore these samples are highly valuable for researchers and…

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