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Healthy PBMCs

With healthy PBMCs we have extensively examined each sample to ensure there are no blood-borne pathogens.

Disease State

Disease State PBMCs

Disease state PBMCs are isolated from leukopaks or whole blood using density gradient separation methods of collection.


Human Plasma

We cater to those in the research community who require plasma of unwavering quality for their experiments and studies.



At BuyPMBCs, we carry a selection of leukapheresis products collected from both healthy and disease state donors. 


Custom Products

We cater to those in the research community who require plasma of unwavering quality for their experiments and studies.


Prospective Collections

BuyPBMCs provides a wide range of material type collections including apheresis, whole blood, plasma, serum, urine, saliva, sputum and tissues. 

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Our PBMC Products

At BuyPBMCs, we stock a range of cryopreserved cells, all of which are ready for immediate domestic and international delivery through our network of distributors.

Our Human PBMC Products Include:

Normal Healthy PBMCs

At BuyPBMCs, all of our mononuclear cells undergo HLA testing. This form of testing allows us to determine which human leukocyte antigen (HLA) genes and antigens are present in the donor's blood. We have extensively examined each sample of healthy PBMCs to ensure there are no blood-borne pathogens. These cells are collected from donors who have tested negative for HBV, HCV, and HIV in accordance with Institutional Review Board (IRB)-approved protocols. Furthermore, every order comes with a Certificate of Analysis that verifies the donor demographics, characterization, and  cell quality contained within each vial.

Disease State PBMCs

Disease state PBMCs are isolated from leukopaks or whole blood using density gradient separation methods of collection. At BuyPBMCs, we can supply human PBMCs that have been diagnosed for the following conditions: Autoimmune disease, infectious disease, and cancer. All of our disease state PBMCs are highly annotated, accompanied by detailed reports regarding donor demographics, date of diagnosis, and any medications the donor is currently taking.

Custom Isolations

When conducting biological research, scientists and other professionals often need to buy human blood or cells with very specific or unique characteristics. At BuyPBMCs, we have the ability to provide our clients with the distinct samples they require. We isolate a wide range of specimen material types, including leukopaks, whole blood, and cord blood—from both healthy and diseased donors. Some examples are NK, Tregs, Pan T, and plasma cells isolated in large quantities and cryopreserved.

What Makes Us a Premier Provider of Human PBMCs?

As the holder of one of the largest biorepositories in the world, we uphold stringent research, safety, efficacy, and biomarker objectives. All of our mononuclear cells are extensively characterized in strict adherence with HIPAA regulations and other ethical standards. Furthermore, our raw materials are collected from sites that recruit exclusively through allied physicians, who identify patients with the requested viral or chronic disease markers. These physicians also screen the patients to ensure they are healthy enough to donate.

End-to-End Biospecimen Solutions in a Laboratory Environment

As part of Precision for Medicine, with our research-use-only cellular product line and our support of global clinical trial sample handling and processing, we are an industry leader in the management and manufacturing of biospecimens. We are dedicated to providing our clients with exceptionally high-grade PBMC products. Our PBMCs are manufactured in an ISO-, CAP-, and CLIA-accredited laboratory. We are committed to eliminating the risk of donor failures, and we take great pride in offering one of the most extensive inventories of customizable specimens and tissues on the market today.

Biobanking Practices

Leading bio pharmaceutical companies, major academic institutions, and governments trust Precision for Medicine and rely on our global lab infrastructure for real-time processing and delivering uniform quality for any tissue type.  Precision for Medicine manages more than 25 million biospecimens—with samples from over 100 active clinical trials on 6 continents, houses samples in LN 2 , at -80; -20; +4ºC; and ambient temperature—all conditions that are replicated in our bio repositories worldwide to ensure accurate, consistent research results. We are experienced in handling the full spectrum of assays in all major therapeutic areas including oncology, CNS, and auto-immune, regularly helping Sponsors address objectives such as data integration, development of biomarker signatures, patient stratification, assessment of mechanism of action, and optimal dosing.  We offer expertise in immunophenotyping, immune response, ligand binding, and cell-based assays, in addition to protein and gene expression assays, global specimen logistics, and biomarker data management with the appropriate level of qualification/validation to meet both regulatory requirements and your budget.

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An Expansive Collection of PBMC Products

Cryopreserved Human Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells (PBMCs) include any human blood cell that features a round nucleus, including lymphocytes, monocytes, and macrophages.

These cells are a crucial part of the human immune system since they can detect when other cells have been infiltrated by disease or converted into cancerous cells. PBMCs will respond to these changes. Lymphocytes, for example, will attack any foreign antibodies they encounter within the bloodstream, preventing them from spreading or developing into a major health concern.

Human PBMCs are also extremely valuable within the realm of scientific research, being integral for understanding how the human body responds to illnesses, infections, and other contaminants.

An example of this can be found in the treatment of autoimmune diseases, which cause PBMCs to become dysfunctional. In patients with multiple sclerosis, a specific subset of PBMCs called B-cells begin to malfunction and activate T-cells, which then damage the myelin sheath of the nerves within the body.

By better understanding and studying the functions and responses of blood mononuclear cells, researchers can gain valuable insight into how illnesses develop within the body, and possibly discover new methods of combating and treating these ailments.

Rare Combination of Industry and Scientific Expertise

Meet our leadership team


Deborah Phippard, PhD

Senior Vice President, Research

Pharma industry veteran and expert at biomarker-driven clinical trial design and execution. Led biomarker and drug development programs for pharmaceutical and diagnostics companies, as well as the National Institutes of Health. Spearheaded the discovery of pharmacodynamic biomarkers and novel targets for inflammatory disease therapy.

Rob Fannon

Rob Fannon

General Manager, Biospecimen Solutions

Rob brings two decades of hands on experience in the biospecimen and biomarker lab services industry at Roche, Cancer Genetics, and BioServe.