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Our inventory is vast, spanning over 25 million samples: Normal healthy PBMCs and explicitly diseased PBMCs. Leukoapheresis-derived products from healthy donors—and from donors with specific disease states. Custom isolations, collected per your requirements. Each sample highly characterized by testing and demographic data. Each held to strict quality standards.

Healthy PBMCs & Cell Subsets

Extensively characterized PBMCs and highly purified monocytes, T-cells, and B-cells are available immediately.

Disease State PBMCs

Cryopreserved PBMCs are available from inventory with highly annotated sample data.


Access to healthy and disease state leukopaks that are characterized for HLA Class I and Class II testing.

Custom Products

Custom isolations from a wide range of cell populations and specimen material types.

Human Plasma

Vast inventory of frozen plasma from healthy and disease state donors available in various blood types and anticoagulants.

Prospective Collections

Precision supports prospective sample and longitudinal studies by providing highly annotated specimens through our established network of procurement centers and hospitals to meet the research needs of our clients.

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