Specialty Lab Services

Whatever your research, safety, efficacy, or biomarker objectives, you need meticulous sample handling and sophisticated global logistics. We provide them. Our renowned scientific team, industry-leading quality systems, and global footprint—underpinned by over 30 years of experience—combine to deliver your advanced assay results swiftly, precisely, and at scale.

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A Renowned Scientific Team and Global Footprint

Precision’s specialty in vitro and ex vivo assays achieve a variety of research, safety, efficacy, and biomarker objectives. Meticulous sample handling and sophisticated global logistics are fundamental for achieving high-quality, accurate study results. Our services include research and clinical trial support, backed by our repository, cell biology, sample processing, and molecular capabilities—all with industry-leading quality systems, including GxP, ISO 9001, ISO 13485, College of American Pathology (CAP), and Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA).

Advanced Custom Assays

We build our custom cell-based assays using cell lines or primary cells (both normal and patient-derived). We also deliver novel ligand-binding assay approaches for greater ease of validation and scalability. Our assays are run routinely to support preclinical and clinical studies.

Global Biorepositories and Biobanking

Precision manages 25 million + biospecimens—with samples from over 100 active clinical trials on 6 continents. We house samples in LN 2 , at -80; -20; +4ºC; and ambient temperature—all conditions that are replicated in our biorepositories worldwide to ensure accurate, consistent research results.

Consistent Specimen Collection

With real-time sample processing occurring in over 50 countries on 6 continents, we are able to manage the sample from draw to assay, streamlining handling and ensuring sample preservation, integrity, and consistency.

Clinical Immune Monitoring

Our comprehensive assessment of immune status and function informs preclinical and clinical trials and post-market surveillance. Our technology platforms include flow cytometry, ELISpot, Nanostring, and multiplexed cytokine assessments that can be implemented consistently at scale.

Bioanalytical Services for Large Molecules

Our renowned scientific leadership helped establish the basis of FDA and EMA guidance in immunogenicity. Our passions include assays for PEGylated proteins, ADCs, biospecifics, gene therapies, CAR-T’s novel techniques such as drug-specific IgE assays, and assessments of complement activation.